I Want to Have a New Camera

Some days ago, I tried a new hobby, photos hunting. This hobby is very simple, I guess. Just press one button on your camera and you will have a picture. You do not need to make things complicated. Just find some interesting objects and press shoot button. It’s easy. But simplicity created from complexity. Camera has been created with many of parts that they support each other. Some parts like lens, shutter, image sensor, and more. It’s as complex as the way to earn money to buy it  (for me). I want to have a new camera. What for? For have some fun and earn money with it. I wish i had a new Canon EOS camera :-D.

Pink petal - canon eos 550d Green coat - canon eos 550d Canon EOS 60D DSLR (2)

And if you want to make your photos is worth, just sell it. If you have a camera, you can do more. You can do “light painting“, make some movies, make documentaries, or share with your friends and teach them how to use camera.

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